Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to Do Laundry


  1. First, You are hilarious!
    Second, I love that washing machine! Though not supremely convenient, it saves water, electricity, and probably makes you think twice about whether or not something is really dirty.
    Third, how do you get your credits and other words on your video? Is it a computer program? I have recently put videos on a blog, but can't seem to edit them.
    Fourth, I miss you and hope you are having a terrific time there!

  2. Oh, that was so funny! Just think how green you are being! Since we all can't quit breathing to reduce our "carbon footprint", perhaps you could set up an importing (or exporting, depending on which direction you start from...) business to bring those marvelous machines to the US. Al Gore would likely be the first in line to buy since he can't quit breathing without fatal results either.
    ;-)) Love, Mom

  3. Hi !
    What a great video on laundry practices in your lovely area. I think I would wear my clothes more times than I do here...
    Loved the pumpkin carving, too. Too funny!
    the old neighbor lady, Marilu

  4. Hi Bethany,
    I found your blog through doing some research on Tajikistan for a paper I am writing and loved it. I lived in Tajikistan for 2 1/2 years and miss it and can totally appreciate the challenge of nearly EVERY activity there. You start to wonder if something is wrong when it seems to work right the first time! Thanks for giving me a taste of my second home again.